Pilots, come join the fun at the Festival of Balloons in Tigard

June 22 - 24th, 2018

The field of 30 balloons is expected to fill quickly, so to be assured a spot, get your registration submitted soon. Festival launches begin at 5:45 am.  Mandatory pilot briefings will start at 5:15 am each morning.

Friday and Saturday Night Glows are optional and pilots are encouraged to help us 'fill the field.'  The times for the night glows will be announced during our morning pilot briefings.

Pilots will be asked to fly 2 VIP passengers during the Festival.

Paid rides will not be available, nor will pilots be allowed to carry passengers other than VIP passengers or friends and crew once they have checked in with the Festival and completed the Flight Waiver Form.

A hotel room for 3 nights, propane for all flights (and tethers and night glows), and show up stipend are all provided.